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Our Promise

Elements found in nature have a powerful ability to help us heal and thrive, and we draw on these properties to create superior products that boost your mental and physical health, naturally.

Our products are triple tested for purity and potency. They contain no fillers and are GMP certified in an FDA registered facility. We sample every batch to ensure each Neff's Naturals product is worthy of your trust.

Botanical Balance

Fast Acting and Non-Habit Forming Stress Releif

I highly recommend it to anyone who 1) wants a formula that will curb your anxiety and 2) does not want to deal with the rollercoaster caused by prescriptions and prefers a more natural lifestyle."


"As someone who works hard and is constantly stressed, this product has proven very helpful. A natural way to just "chill" and "defog", I recommend it!"


"Been having a ton of stress and craziness at work lately. Doc wanted to prescribe an anxiety drug, but I'd prefer to stay away from that sort of stuff. Figured I try the natural route first. This worked wonderfully...!"


"I really love this product. It was exactly as described - calm even feeling, awake, and alert. I have also been sleeping really well at night. Definitely incorporating it into my routine!"


"I love's just enough to give a calming feeling to get you through busy workdays without the drowsiness. It's also nice knowing that I'm not ingesting any harmful chemicals with side effects to get these great results. Love the product!!!"



Hemp Infused Coffees



We love our planet and believe companies need to do better to conserve it.

Today, we are doing our part by:

Working to become a paperless business.

Only working with organic farmers.

Limiting our packaging and only using 100% recyclable materials.

Working from home and riding bikes every chance we get.